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Divorce is always a difficult decision. Whether uncontested or contested, we will advocate to help achieve your goals.  Dissolving the marriage relationship requires an attorney experienced in addressing custody issues and property issues from the simple to the complex. We will be honest and forthright with you about your rights. We have experience in dealing with real property issues, retirement benefits and military property issues. While we encourage settlement, when it is not successful, we will work with you to prepare and present the best case for you. 


Family Law -Custody, Modification and  Enforcement

Custody disputes can be stressful and costly.  We offer sensitive representation in custody matters, including visitation disputes and child support disputes.  We have experience in dealing with the Office of the Attorney General, counselors and we offer parenting resources to provide you and your children the best parenting plan.   We also represent parents in modifications of existing orders and enforcement matters involving, custody, visitation and child support.  We have the resources to respond to your immediate needs through emergency protective orders or restraining orders. 



Mediation/ Conflict Resolution 

Some lawsuits are simply disagreements that escalated into conflict that seemed could not be resolved except in court.  We are experienced at mediating cases and assisting in the resolution of conflicts to avoid costly litigation fees.  We offer half-day and full day mediations to bring parties to together and discuss various options and compromises to disputes that seem unresolvable.   We will work with both parties in a neutral setting to attempt resolution through a legally binding agreement.   We work with case that are pending in court and with attorneys.  We also assist individuals who have yet to file and simply want to present and agreement to the court to approve a settlement, greatly reducing cost, stress and worry. 

Estate Planning

The elderly and disabled are amongst our most vulnerable population. Accepting that a loved one can no longer care for themselves or manage their own affairs is difficult.   Observing exploitation or abuse can be stressful and overwhelming.   Obtaining a guardianship over an incapacitated or challenging a guardianship over a loved one is a complex legal process requiring knowledge and experience.  Our attorneys have a certification specifically authorizing us to handle guardianship cases.  Our legal services provide expedient affordable assistance.  

Whether your loved one passed with or without a will, we can assist in settling the matters of their estate.  We offer representation in transferring property, satisfying debts or determining heirs.  We also litigate will contests and administration of estate issues which can be complex probate matters. You want an attorney who will be sensitive to you and your families loss and legal needs. 

Preparing for your future is important for your peace of mind and your family.  We prepare estate documents such as wills, powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney and directives to physicians.  We also offer the preparation of transfer on death deeds and offer other alternatives for the  management of your assets in the event of death or incapacitation. We also help with trusts to assure government benefits are not lost. 





We accept all major credit cards.











Fighting for your legal rights does not have to be a financial burden.  We are committed to providing affordable legal services.​  We offer payment plans, flat fees, and hourly plans.  You are provided with detailed statements regarding your account.  We have partnered with "Justice for Me" a program that offers low interest financing.  

We will make every effort to assure the access to the legal not hindered by cost.  We will discuss payment plan options. 











Legal Fees


Pre-paid Plan Providers

We are proud to be an approved provider for MetLife legal plans, Work Place Options and Texas Legal Plans.  We will determine your eligibility and provide services based on your coverage.  Phone and in person consultations are available.  When contacting us, mention that you subscribe to a legal plan to assure your benefits are reviewed.  If you are not covered under the plan you will be offered reasonable fee options to help you. 


Mediation and Conflict Resolution Fees


Mediation sessions are normally scheduled in half-day or full day sessions with the cost often being divided equally.   The cost of a mediation or conflict resolution session is more cost effective than going to court and incurring possibly thousands of dollars in legal fees.  Our mediation fees are a flat fee with no hidden costs or expenses. 

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