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 A.  Planning Before Death

No one wants to spend their twilight years in court or have our families disputing over our care or our finances.  At Huron Aragon we have litigated many cases where individuals are no longer able to manage their care or finances and must rely on the courts for management.  This process can be costly and may result in family disputes and disagreements.  

If you are incapacitated and are no longer able to manage your care, manage your finances or simply want someone else to act on your behalf at your direction, then you must have the proper legal documents to insure your peace of mine.  These documents are commonly known as powers of attorney.  There are various types and you should be aware of which one will meet your needs.  You cannot have one power of attorney for medical and financial and personal care.  There are powers of attorney that only take effect in certain situations, such as traveling out of the country or in the event of disability

There are health care powers of attorney that give an individual the right to make life and death decisions.  And, there are documents that allow you to make your own medical decision by providing a written directive to your medical provider even if you do not have the capacity to speak your wishes. 

B. Planning After Death

Powers of Attorney terminate at the time of your death and are no longer effective nor valid.  So now what? Now your family must look to the document that you executed regarding your desires after your death.  This document is commonly known as a Last Will and Testament.  Texas has specific requirements for a document to be considered a valid Last Will and Testatment.  It is the document you created to express your desires regarding the disposition of all of your property in your estate at your death.  The State of Texas has passed laws that provide for how your property will be distributed and divided if you died without a will.  Spouses, step-children, grandchildren, parents, siblings may all be eliminated or included depending on your family make up in dividing your property.  Individuals you did not want to benefit may receive your property and individuals you wanted to provide for may be excluded.   We can also prepare documents that give you the option to avoid having an estate so that property will pass as you desire without a Last Will and Testament.  

Our services- Estate Planning Packages

We offer various options to make the process of deciding what legal documents you need to assure your desires are respected before and after your death.  We will design as package of documents specifically tailored to your needs.  We can prepare documents that will avoid your loved ones from having to look to the legal system.    While your needs are unique we offer three (3) packages of commonly used estate planning documents 

1. Management Package- included are two powers of attorney that provide for your medical care and management of your finances.

2. Estate at Death Package- Included is a Last Will and Transfer upon death documents. 

 3. Full Management and Estate PackageThis is our most comprehensive estate planning package.  We will provide two powers of attorney a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will and  Transfer on Death documents.  

Single documents are available however comprehensive packages will offer a substantial discount.  Our prices are reasonable and we offer a payment option as well as financing.  


Estate Planning Services and Packages 

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