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Mediation Service 

Dispute Resolution Services 

With over 35 years of legal experience in and out of the courtroom we are qualified to help settle disputes before incurring costly legal fees.   Our office conducts neutral mediations at a reasonable fee.  Evelyn Huron is a trained and certified mediator who has helped parties and attorney settle disputes and reduce expensive litigation costs.   

Whether you have an attorney and are in the process of litigation or wish to avoid hiring attorneys and settle your dispute without litigation, our office will make the process easy and affordable.  With the ever increasing costs of litigation, compromise and settlement is the best way to resolve disputes before or during litigation.  

If you have a dispute in any area, family, probate, real estate, landlord/tenant or any other civil matter, contact our office and we will reach out to the other party and schedule a mediation session. 

Mediation sessions are at a minimum of 2 hours and upward of a full day.   

We are available for mediations Monday through Saturday,  in person or on line.  Contact our office if you do not have an attorney or if you do forward our information to them for scheduling. 

Contact us at 210-212-7661 for more information. 




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