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Amicus Attorney Services ​

What is an Amicus and why is it necessary ?  

If there is a dispute regarding custody or visitation of the children, often times and amicus attorney will be needed.  Because of Evelyn Huron's extensive experience and reputation, she is often appointed ​by the courts to serve as an amicus attorney in cases where there is a dispute concerning the best interest of the children. 

The amicus is an attorney that assists the court in determining the best interest of the children by investigating the circumstances of the parties and the children.  The amicus does not represent anyone, but is the attorney for the court.  This involves interviewing the children, reviewing evidence, speaking with witnesses and at times making home visits.  After investigating the circumstances, the amicus will usually make a recommendation to the attorney and the court as to what is in the best interest of the children when custody or visitation is an issue.  Having an Amicus can often serve to resolve cases without the necessity of a lengthy costly trial.   Court's do not always have the time in a limited court hearing to do the investigation an amicus can do over  a period of time.  


Our proces s

If Evelyn Huron is appointed as an amicus attorney in your case, it is important that you make contact with our office as soon as possible.  You will be provided an intake form to provide basic information regarding your case.  Appointments are quickly scheduled either by zoom or in person to begin the investigation process.   It is important that you provide as much information as possible.   We encourage  you to communicate often about what is going on in your case.  Any evidence you consider important and you would want a judge to review or know, you should provide the amicus whether it is positive or negative.  Because of the high volume of family law cases, judges rely on the investigation and recommendations of the amicus attorney so your cooperation is critical to assure your concerns are addressed.  If you do not agree with the findings of the amicus, you will always have the right to a court hearing and present your case to the judge, however, be aware that the investigation of the amicus may carry significant weight with the court.  Ultimately, without an agreement, a judge will make the final decision in your case. 


The amicus attorney is a necessary expense if custody or visitation is in dispute.  Normally, the judge will determine how the fees are to be paid, whether split equally, by one party or in different proportions.   Our services are charged at a reduced fee from your attorney with an initial retainer required.  We will begin the process in your case and work with you on a payment plan ​if needed.  Our "Justice for Me" financing service is also available in amicus cases.  Do not allow cost to be a reason not to cooperate  with the  amicus as critical information may not be investigated.  We encourage you to discuss your financial concerns as we try to make every attempt to make the process affordable for you. 

We have  created a specific email for your case if our firm is the amicus attorney in your case.  You may send any requests, questions or information to  

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