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Corona Virus

Health and Safety First

We know your legal issues continue during these times.  We will not jeopardize your safety.  We will provide telephone and video consultations to ease your mind so you can focus on your safety and family   We are prepared to litigate your case remotely from our office and in court Our offices are now fully open and all staff fully vaccinated. 

My Case

The Bexar County District Clerk has current information about your case, what has been filed and any court hearings.   Log on to and provide your name or case number to learn more about the status of your case.


Divorce Facts

As a general rule a divorce in Texas cannot be granted for at least 60 days from the date the divorce petition is filed.    To file in Texas you must also live in the County where you want to file for 60 days and in the State of Texas for 6 months.  Generally a divorce cannot be granted if one of the parties is pregnant or in a pending bankruptcy proceedings. 

Corona Virus and family legal issues

We are in a new era of law where no laws exist.  Quarantines, social distancing are now issues we must contend with when children are being exchanged between parents.  If you have a concern, contact your attorney or call us with your questions.  All current child support and custody orders remain in full force and effect until modified through the legal process. 

Real Property and Estate Issues

Real property does not always  automatically pass to surviving spouses.  Deeds and titles must be cleared and legal steps taken to assure that property passes to heirs of someones' estate.  If no will exists, Texas estate law determines to whom the property passes.  We have handled numerous cases where a loved one passes years ago only to have the title to their homes unresolved.  There are options to leaving property to your family other than through a will..    

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