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Evelyn Martinez Huron - Attorney at Law









  I have over 36 years of litigation experience, handling hundreds of cases in Bexar County and throughout south Texas.  I have assisted clients from Municipal Court to the Texas Supreme Court to the Federal Court.  From the simple to the complex, I can help.    As  a past President of the San Antonio Bar Association, Family Law Section, I have  established myself as an experienced and professional litigator. I have been elected into the American Board of Trial Advocate for my extensive trial experience. I encourage settlement when possible, however, I will  advocate vigorously for  you  when necessary. I am committed to providing you with trusted representation you can afford..   

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Marisa Aragon - Attorney at Law


I am honored to be a partner at the Huron Aragon Law Firm.  I am committed to providing you with professional legal services. I have been  involved in advocating for  grandparents with custody issues as well as representing military spouses, and advocating for the elderly and disabled in probate court.  I am very sensitive to the needs of the elderly and will vigorously defend the vulnerable aging population in guardianship proceedings. As a former litigator for Catholic Charities, my  passion is assuring the most vulnerable are not denied access to the legal process. Fighting injustice motivates me to do my best for my clients.

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Your Team 

At the Huron Law Firm we are committed to providing the highest level of affordable professional legal services.  We value your trust in us to help you address your legal needs.  Whether it's a simple matter, drafting estate documents, or handling a complex legal issue, our service will give you the peace of mind you deserve.  We will engage resources when necessary so you know you have a legal team committed to you. 

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